Dooen Engineering Services Pty Ltd was formed in 2002 as a division of The Lentil Company. TLC was a lentil processing business built by Peter Blair and Wayne Beddison at Dooen, North of Horsham in Victoria.

We have brought together a qualified team with experience in manufacturing, modifying and repairing a variety of grain and other materials handling equipment, general metal fabrication and engineering. Their qualifications include:

• 3D CAD drawing
• Metal fabrication
• Fitting and machining
• Hydraulics
• Welding.

Dooen Engineering Services Pty Ltd specialises in the manufacture of grain storage and handling products, including the...

• Bunker stacker
• Drive over hopper
• Container filling mobile machine
• Farm shifter
• Bucket elevator
• Conveyer
• Above ground or in ground hopper

We also provide general engineering services such as maintenance, repairs, welding, steel cutting, sheet metal cutting and bending.

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